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What Will My Child Learn?

Each day at the Academy, your child will engage in real-world projects that are both relevant to the advanced world we live in, but also help them to discover their own interests and strengths as an individual. Big imaginations are encouraged and support is given to help them see their dreams become realities.

70+ Essential (Soft) Human Skills are engaged each week at The FUEL Academy with a specific focus on:

The Academy offers a safe space for students to explore a variety of interests and enjoy the process of learning. In this collaborative environment, students will learn to appreciate themselves, and others, for having unique strengths that can be utilized to accomplish BIG things.  

Did You Know?

The development of soft skills is much more difficult than the development of hard skills because it requires actively interacting with others on an ongoing basis and being willing to accept behavioral feedback.

– Deloitte Millennial Report

Support for YOU and Your Child

How The FUEL Academy Works

The FUEL Academy is an in-person space where like-minded students can collaborate, innovate and learn by taking on ventures (real-world projects they are interested in) while also having access to advanced tools, software and support. 

Dream Bigger, Take Action

Each day your child will uncover new interests & discoveries that are designed to ignite their imagination and help them bringing their ideas to life! 

Students will participate in assorted ventures, such as:

    • Dilemma Discussions
    • Group Field Experiences
    • Portfolio Project Building
    • Peer Led Instruction & Mentoring
    • Team Committee Meetings
    • Meditation &  Mindfulness

Access Tools & Resources

As your child’s perspective expands, so will their need for tools, software and other  helpful resources. 

As students interests grow, so does The Fuel Academy’s Resource Centre. 

Your child will enjoy access to:

    • 3D printers
    • Video & Photography Equipment
    • Robotics Kits
    • Design & Project Software
    • And Much More!  

Parent Communication

Your child’s growth and development are expedited when parents and FUEL Mentors are working towards the same goals. 

Ongoing “team meetings” between FUEL Mentors, parents and students will occur each semester, as well as weekly emails sharing what students have been exploring. 

Parents will also get to attend student led events, such as Showcases, Expos, and Market Days. 

Tuition Options

2 Days a Week

9:30am - 2:30pm
$ 1497 a Semester +GST
  • Includes $50 Student Spending Account per Semester

3 Days a Week

9:30am - 2:30pm
$ 2097 a Semester +GST
  • Includes $50 Student Spending Account per Semester

5 Days a Week

9:30am - 2:30pm
$ 2997 a Semester +GST
  • Includes $75 Student Spending Account per Semester

FUEL Registration Includes:

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Did You Know?

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According to MIT Management, the return on soft skill training can be as high as 250%

Did You Know?

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of employers say that soft skills are key to business growth or success

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of employers find it challenging to hire talent with excellent soft skills