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Why Attend The Fuel Academy?

Is Your Child Ready for the Future?

The Fuel Academy provides an innovative resource for homeschooled, e-learning and alternative-education families – unlike anything offered before.

The Fuel Academy develops, and supports, over 70 of your child’s essential soft (human) skills and introduces an endless number of technical, “future-ready” abilities to prepare them for a FAST moving world. 

Learning Philosophy

At The Fuel Academy, we believe that children learn and retain knowledge best when they are given the space to make decisions and learn through hands on experience through trial and error. 

As such, The Fuel Academy format, tools, and year to year initiatives are largely determined by students, based on their collective ideas, interests and group decision making.

Our Mentors (facilitators) help guide students to become self reliant, empathic leaders capable of incredible feats, and spectacular innovation.  

Unparalleled Future-Ready Skill Development

The world is moving fast, and so are the skills your child needs in order to succeed. As a parent, you have already made the powerful decision to remove your child from the traditional education system. 

The Fuel Academy is here to support you and your child in your unique vision for your child’s education; To provide a safe space, and advanced tools and resources, so they can develop their passions through self directed learning and pursuing projects that both interest your child, as well as prepare them for fulfilling futures. 

Support for YOU and Your Child

How The Fuel Academy Works

The Fuel Academy is an educational support resource designed to compliment your child’s current home based education. Your child will have access to cutting edge resources & tools, flexi over 70 essential soft skills (human skills), increase their social & emotional development, as well as participate in hands-on real world experiences designed to prepare your child for a fast changing world. 

Choose Your Frequency

Choose which schedule works best for your families schedule and educational goals for your child. 

Attend 2, 3 or 5 days a week!

2 Days = Tues & Thurs
3 Days = Mon, Wed, Fri
5 Days = Mon – Fri

Each day is from 9:30am to 2pm

Student Tools & Resources

The Fuel Academy’s resources and tools grow each year along with the interests of our students. 

    • 3D printers
    • Video & Photography Equipment
    • Robotics Kits
    • Design & Project Software
    • And More!

Students collectively make decisions around spending for new equipment to explore.  

Parent Communication

The Fuel Academy methodology and positive outcomes in students can be expedited when parents and Fuel Mentors are on the same page. 

Ongoing “team meetings” with Fuel Mentors, parents and students will take place throughout each students time with us. Parents will also be invited to student led events, such as Showcases, Expos, and Market Days. 

Did You Know?

The development of soft skills is much more difficult than the development of hard skills because it requires actively interacting with others on an ongoing basis and being willing to accept behavioral feedback.

– Deloitte Millennial Survey

Support for YOU and Your Child

What Will Your Child Do at The Academy?

Your child’s experience and day to day interactions will vary depending on the projects and initiatives they take on each semester, but every day will flex their human & technical skills.  The Academy creates a balanced environment to ensure they develop their individual capabilities, as well as social engagements with their committees (teams) on a day to day basis. 

Full Academy Participation

These Full Cohort Sessions are designed to flex students' empathy, communication, critical thinking, leadership, self awareness & more!

Socratic Discussions

Students lead the entire group in riddles & philosophical discussions as they debate, ask questions, and learn to consider that more than one side, or opinion, to matters can be a good thing.

Committee Hearings

Big decisions for the Academy are often determined by the students, such as, spending for new equipment, student conflicts and excursion decisions are brought forward for group discussion and resolution.

Student Led Showcase Events

Students create, plan & lead community and Academy events throughout the year where they showcase their projects, businesses & other creations

Student Led Instruction

As students build a passion for the projects they take on, they will be invited to teach the Academy lessons, tell stories, and share what they have learned.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Mental health, self regulation and self awareness are key skills for kids to develop. Mindfulness activities will be led to help students connect with themselves and assist in stress & anxiety management.

Smaller Group Collaborations

Students often work in smaller pods on projects, as well as join "Committees" that govern different aspects of the Academy.

Collaboration Projects

Many students will have similar interests and decide to take on larger team projects. Regular team meetings on student roles, spending and objectives are decided by the team.

Committee Meetings

The Academy is governed by student led committees who meet on a regular basis to assess their policy's, what is working, what is not, and gain insight from the entire student body.

Group Field Experiences

Daily outdoor activities take place, as well as mission specific outings, such as shopping for project supplies, tours, etc. These outings are often done in smaller groups of students interested in participating.

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Students work with other students in a variety of ages to act as mentors, as well as give ongoing feedback and peer accountability towards their goals.

Individual Discovery

These projects are designed to help them make independent decisions, problem solve, overcome difficulties & gain introspection

Personal Goals & Discovery

One of the first things done with every student is a discovery session of their interests, strengths, and areas they desire to improve. Parents and Mentors participate in this

Portfolio Building

Students are encouraged to take on individual projects to build their experience portfolios based on their interests and goals.

Targeted Learning

In the event a student, and family, determines a goal for a specific area of development, time will be allocated for the student to focus in on this growth. (Offered to 5 day a week students)

Academy Tuition Plans

Applications are being accepted for September, 2022 enrollment


Apply & be approved before July 1, 2022 for a 2, 3 or 5 day a week plan, and receive a FREE pair of kids over ear headphones!

2 Days a Week

Tues & Thurs 9:30am - 2pm
$ 399 Month
  • Full Access to Resources & Tools
  • 1 Youth Fuel Polo Shirt (Daily Attire)
  • Youth Over Ear Headphones (when registered before July 1)
  • $150 Student Fuel Account Budget/year

3 Days a Week

Mon, Wed & Fri 9:30am - 2pm
$ 599 Month
  • Full Access to Resources & Tools
  • 2 Youth Fuel Polo Shirts (Daily Attire)
  • Youth Over Ear Headphones (when registered before July 1)
  • $150 Student Fuel Account Budget/year

5 Days a Week

Mon to Fri 9:30am-2pm
$ 899 Month
  • Full Access to Resources & Tools
  • 3 Youth Fuel Polo Shirts (Daily Attire)
  • Youth Over Ear Headphones
  • $300 Student Fuel Account Budget/year
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Did You Know?

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According to MIT Management, the return on soft skill training can be as high as 250%

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