Prepare Them for their future

Experience to fuel their growth 

The Fuel Academy guides youth through real world experiences to develop critical life skills to ensure they stay relevant once entering the workforce. Students graduating from The Fuel Academy leave with a substantial resume of experience & vast post graduation opportunities.

Benefits of Fuel Learning

 Our aim is to provide students with the space & support to develop Essential & Foundational Soft Skills demanded by Top Employers in order to stay relevant in today’s workforce. Graduates of Fuel curriculum leave with tangible, hands on experience that allows them to have an empowered choice on their future.

Perspective Economics

In order to be valuable to the economy you live in, you must understand how it works and the impact you can have as an individual. Through gamification & real world interactions, students gain perspective & understanding.

Business & Commerce

From start to “finish”, students will launch multiple variations of real businesses & earn real money throughout their programming. Financial literacy, communication & resiliency are strongly developed.

Social Impact

Empathy, understanding and contributing to the world around us is a top value at The Fuel Academy. Students will develop their emotional intelligence by working towards solutions for a variety of social causes.

Innovation & Development

Taking ideas to a reality is imperative to developing a habit of taking action. Without ideas, our students are just dreamers. We aim to produce students who take action & produce results.

Global Engagement

 Students may pursue local & global impact initiatives. Opportunities to be Jr Board Members of NPO’s as well as lead initiatives to change lives can be applied for during their program.

Leadership Development

Each assignment is an opportunity to develop their leadership & build real experience for their resume. Your child’s name will be attached to each endeavour & success realized.

Starting Their Future, Now

Technical skills are becoming less significant in college, university and job applications. Soft/Practical skills matched with real world experience is critical as technical skills can become obsolete & outdated within a few years. Soft & Practical skills will allow students to remain relevant & drive their value in the roles they hold.

Key College & University Application Requirements

Your time at Fuel will facilitate a number of substantial, hands on experiences that will stand out on your university applications. Students lead their own commerce initiatives & contribute to community impact with documented, measurable results.


Valid Experience & Resume Building for Employers

Top Employers want Soft/Practical Skills & Real World Experience. Technical skills are important but can quickly become obsolete or outdated. Soft Skill development ensures you stay relevant, valuable & a driver of your own success goals.

Exclusive Opportunities for Alumni Graduates

For those who desire to design their own ventures, opportunities to network with VC’s, Mentor’s & Highly Sought After Incubators will be available. Exclusive invitations to  influential events & opportunities will be available to all Fuel Alumni.