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About The FUEL Academy

Partnering In Your Child's Education

The FUEL Academy is unlike any educational resource available, but it is not for everyone. It is critical that all of our families who participate in The FUEL Academy educational experience embrace the same guiding principles at home, as their child will when participating at the Academy. This is to help your child accelerate in their personal development faster with less confusion or mixed messages. 

We believe in ongoing and frequent communication with all of our families and that how The FUEL Academy looks, acts and develops, will never be done. 

If you are considering your child for The FUEL Academy, please take a moment and read through our Goals and Guiding Values and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Goals For Our Students

Build Wider Perspective

Perspective is the key to increasing confidence, developing the ability to make decisions, and to help understand where we can fit and contribute our unique gifts to the world.

By Developing Their Insatiable Curiosity

Kids are naturally curious. That's why they like to ask "WHY" so much. By feeding their curiosity and encouraging them to seek answers, their perspective will build.

Encouraging Non-Stop Trial & Error

When failure is no longer a concern, and excitement is felt through discovering new ideas & information, taking action their becomes a natural reaction. Practicing trial & error to satisfy their curiosity is how your child will develop into the kind of person who leads, rather than follows.

Guiding Values

There is No One Right Answer to Anything

With exception to 1+1=2, there is no 1 right answer to anything in our advancing world. From science, economics and history, to human interactions and life decisions; there are no right answers.

When we stop trying to always be right, we can enjoy the process of learning

New discoveries are made in science, technology, business and economics daily. And "right" answers to personal life decisions are never really truly known, even in hindsight.

Nothing is Ever Truly Done

Nothing is done until we choose for it to be. Everything can continue to be improved, innovated, or re-assessed.

It is empowering to say, that's good enough for now

While this concept can sound stressful at first, when embraced, it becomes empowering. Since we make our own rules, you no longer need to strive for the illusion of perfection; pursue fulfillment instead.

A Sister Organization to Build a Biz Kids, Registered Charity

Build a Biz Kids offers progressive practical education courses for kids, 6-13 years. Their foundation is in giving students as much hands on experience to gain real-world perspective. 

The FUEL Academy is a part of the BBK Network Family and works closely with Build a Biz Kids.